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Macedonia Timeless

In the heart of South East Europe is situated one of the last European undiscovered tourist destinations - Republic of Macedonia, a country of nature, the cradle of culture, the homeland of Mother Teresa, a crossroads of civilizations. Biblical Macedonia is the place from where St. Paul the Apostle spread Christianity in to Europe. Macedonia represents a geographical connection between Central Europe, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Ancient lakes and rapid rivers follow the life that moves with a different rhythm between magnificent historical remains and idyllic villages. Climatic conditions have different characteristics from the typical Mediterranean to Continental, which provides conditions for development of different types of tourism.
Macedonia's tourist product is a rich combination of cultural and natural heritage, which is characterized by a wealth of lakes , mountains and relative peace rarely found in the world in the 21st Century. Turbulent historical events in the Republic of Macedonia in prehistoric, classical and Roman period, as in the Middle Ages and the new period left traces both in spiritual and cultural heritage.

The total territory of Republic of Macedonia comes to 25,713 sq. km, of which 25,236 sq. km are land, while 477 sq. km are water surface. The lowest point is Vardar River (44 m) near Gevgelija, and the highest point is Golem Korab peak (2,764 m) in the north-western part of the country.

The macro relief of this small country was formed in a tectonic process into mountains and valleys.

Macedonian traditional dishes are so delicious. In Macedonia there is one quote: The love comes throught the stomch. It is proof how much the food is important to Macedonian people.

When you visit Macedonia you need to try some of the numerous traditional dishes, and after that, belive me you will fall in love with Macedonia.


 Source: www.macedonia-timeless.com/


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